The need of Career Counseling in todays world -

Education in 21st century has opened up a wide variety of subjects choices in schools and colleges. There are plethora of career choices and career oriented courses that are available now as compared to what existed in the previous times.


A number of earlier careers have disappeared and a large number of new ones have emerged leading to more confusion in making career or educational related decisions.

A well thought out decision at the right time will have far reaching benefits for an individuals success.

Career Counselling helps manage a diverse range of problems such as low concentration levels, poor time management and lack of confidence. Ravi sees career counselling as the bridge to a seamless transition. Career counselling is a continuous process by which an individual makes a successful transition from school to college and further college to a professional workplace.

One of the biggest decisions is of choosing the right career however picking a career usually, comes after picking a course. We thrive to empower them with the necessary tools and guidance needed to facilitate exploration, planning and a sense of direction to pursue and attain their career goals. The right decision made at the correct juncture can shape a student’s life very differently and make their transition from school to college into the workforce much easier.

- Profile Evaluation

- Psychometric Tests

- Counselling Sessions

- Career Assessment

- Expert Advice

"We at Innovative Mentor work to accomplish the needs of individuals who are struggling to find the right career path."

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